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Carports allows solar panels to be integrated into areas such as car parks, leisure areas and industrial estates, transforming these surfaces into sources of renewable energy. The advantages of installing shading systems are : the production of low-carbon electricity, lower electricity bills, weather protection and rainwater harvesting. At AdiWatt, PV modules are mounted using the PROFIL EVOLUTION system or on steel trays using the OPTIMA system. Our systems are made of steel coated with a Magnelis® anti-corrosion alloy.

Our different types of carports

Y carports, with centred columns or offset columns…
Depending on the orientation of your installation and the configuration of the site, we have a solution to optimise its performance. Our sales staff will be happy to help you define the best configuration.

Centred columns

Double centred columns

Y carports

Offset columns

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The PROFIL EVOLUTION system is suitable for all new or existing structures: roofs, shadehouses or flat roofs. It is designed to create a photovoltaic roof without a steel sheet. The modules act as the roof covering, while the inter-module rafters and gutters ensure rainwater drainage and watertightness. The Magnelis® coating offers an anti-corrosion guarantee.


Our OPTIMA system for trapezoidal wave troughs is fixed directly to the structure to improve the stability of the photovoltaic installation, even in extreme wind conditions. It is designed for secure fixing in place of the rider, to prevent the panel from being punctured again. The Magnelis® coating offers an anti-corrosion guarantee.

Do you have a carport project ?

To study your project, please download, fill in and send the specifications to our sales department.