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Solar fields



Whatever the nature of the land, its size and profile, AdiWatt is able to offer a solution for the installation of a suitable ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant. For all its systems, AdiWatt uses Magnelis® anti-corrosion coating and manufactures profiles that are resistant to saline environments and offer superior load-bearing characteristics to aluminium. Our industrial equipment makes it easy to manufacture module mounting systems in volume, at the best quality/price ratio and with optimised lead times. AdiWatt has already manufactured more than 1.7 GWp of photovoltaic structures and covered 1.9 million square metres.

Large-scale ground-mounted power plants

These are power plants with an installed capacity of more than 1 MWp, generally used for direct injection into the electricity grid.

We have a specialised technical office responsible for adapting solutions to the specific conditions of each site and the needs of each customer. In this way, we can guarantee an individual solution, with studies of horizontal and vertical loads and an examination of their behaviour in different climatic conditions.

The experience we’ve gained from working on numerous projects in Europe means we can optimise costs and deadlines. We have completed numerous projects in France, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom… and further afield, including Mexico, Guadeloupe and Reunion Island…

Solutions mounted on driven piles are the most economical, thanks to the use of dedicated site equipment.

If the ground is unsuitable (due to its nature or the complexity of its profile), we offer alternatives using concrete stringers, a ballasting technique in which we also have a great deal of experience.

Battered piles

This is the most economical solution, thanks to the use of threshing machines. It optimises costs and installation times. Each installation is custom-configured, with specific characteristics (number of rows of panels, number of posts, portrait or landscape installation, etc.).

Concrete foundations

In the event of major ground constraints (unstable ground or a more complex profile), the use of concrete foundations will guarantee the stability and resistance of the installation, particularly to meteorological events.

Do you have a project for a large-scale solar power plant?

For a specific study of these projects, please contact our sales department.

Self-consumption solutions


AdiWatt solar panels have no foundations, meaning they can be removed and moved. A soil survey is not compulsory, and pull-out tests are carried out prior to installation. X-GROUND tables are fixed in place using micropiles and a perforator. For non-compatible soils (loose soil, backfill, etc.), the L-GROUND solution is available on concrete stringers. The X-GROUND and L-GROUND systems are pre-drilled, delivered in kit form, and are quick and easy to install.

We offer three versions of solar tables depending on the size of the photovoltaic panels :
- V2 version for modules between 1.5 m and 2 m long
- version V3 for modules between 2 m and 2.3 m long and less than 1.14 m wide
- V4 version for modules between 2 m and 2.3 m long and between 1.14 m and 1.3 m wide

Do you have a small-scale ground-mounted power plant project in mind?

To discuss your project, please download, complete and send the information sheet to our sales department