About us

AdiWatt is an international industrial company entirely dedicated to photovoltaic renewable energy with two production plants in France and Spain and soon one in India.

Specialized in steel processing, AdiWatt designs, manufactures and installs PV for the world’s largest construction and energy skateholders in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.Since its creation in 2005, AdiWatt has generated more than 1 GW of solar energy production worldwide making the company a major and well-known skateholder in the industry by o

ffering its customers and partners solutions recognized for their quality and their innovative durability at the best quality / price ratio for floor, roof or shade applications.”We are proud to be an independent industrial company that has won and kept the trust of its customers. With an integrated design office, an efficient industrial too

l and a production capacity on 3 production sites in France, Spain and India, we have realized the most prestigious photovoltaic installations, in roofs, shades and solar fields.Thanks to all our employees, we have been able to export our know-how to three continents and contribute to the fantastic development of renewable energies “.


AdiWatt CEO