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Solar Fields



One of the most important elements in a photovoltaic installation is the support structure. A key element for holding the solar modules, it provides the most appropriate inclination in which the modules receive the greatest amount of radiation throughout the year. AdiWatt has its own industrial equipment to carry out on-site assembly, including trucks/trailers, pilling machines, gondolas, crane trucks, cranes and lifting equipment for personnel and auxiliary work equipment. Our team has extensive experience in the installation of our own products.




Easily and quickly assembled.

Flexible placement of the photovoltaic modules (optimal use of the available surface area).

Assembly with foundation.

Engineering department available: Structures according to customer requirements.

Weight reduction: customised dimensions of the profiles according to the needs of the project with galvanised steel from 50 to 80 microns.

Complete structure delivered.


The agile solution for self-consumption

X-GROUND by AdiWatt is the ideal system for your self-consumption projects. Aesthetic and durable, the AdiWatt table is distinguished by its micro tubular pile fixing system which makes installation easy and avoids the need for concrete beams.