Rooftop solutions

Thanks to its three PRIMA®, OPTIMA® and ADVANTAGE® integration systems, ADIWATT is able to provide its customers with a complete range of solutions for roofing use.

For all its systems, Adiwatt uses specific steels (Z600 or Magnelis) and manufactures saline-resistant profiles with higher load characteristics than aluminum. Our industrial equipment facilitates the manufacturing in volume of the fastening systems of the modules with the best quality / price ratio in optimized deadlines. Adiwatt has already manufactured more than 1GW photovoltaic structures and covered 1.6 million square meters.

Adaptable to most trapezoidal steel roofings

Anticorrosive treatment Z600 or Magnelis

Integrated earthing function

Easy and fast installation

Fixation into the purlin

Optimal ventilation

ETN Certification

Advantage ®

Advantage ®

Advantage® is the secure solution for installing photovoltaic modules on terrace rooftops. Advantage’s various mounting options allow you to select the best solution in order to optimize your solar system from 10º right up to 30º.

Depending on the particular type of terrace, we suggest mounting with a screw anchor on concrete slab or panel weight for gravel terraces or ballast weight.

Thanks to the specific design of the galvanized steel channels and their mounting components, the Advantage® system adapts to all terraces and thus permits the best possible layout.

Optima ®

Optima ®

Optima® is mounted to the purlin and ensures the best stability for the photovoltaic installation. Its conception allows for secure mounting in extreme wind conditions. Its frame, equipped with its sealing gasket, adapts to the different trapezoidal weight panels and is mounted as an alternative to the trapezoidal panel fastener. As such, a new drilling operation into the rooftop is unnecessary.

Optima® offers efficient ventilation of up to 140mm below the modules and thus ensures an excellent productivity as well as a long photovoltaic module lifespan. This system is manufactured from Magnelis steel or 2600, which confers anti-corrosive security.

Prima ®

Prima ®

Prima can be installed on single metal sheet from 0.5 mm, aluminum 1.0 mm.
Grounding of the module included according to DIN VDE 0100. Dimensions of all module sizes.
Magnelis® material, 30 – 50 mm, ensuring a good protection of the materials, UV resistant and stable at high temperatures. Since 2009, Adiwatt has developed an industrial expertise in the over 500 MWp installations. We offer to our installers module mounting systems to efficiently build roof-top solar plants.
Profile Evolution ®

Profile Evolution ®

The Profile Evolution system is suitable for all new or existing structures:
carport, rooftop, or terrace roof. It has been designed to achieve secure and rapid installation of photovoltaic panels.

It ensures an excellent ventilation of the solar panels for increased energy output.
The materials used are recyclable and have been selected for their durability.
The shape of the rafters allows perfect rainwater drainage.