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La Jubarderie, 41270 Fontaine-Raoul, France




AdiWatt has 2 production plants located in SPAIN and FRANCE, with an overall production capacity of more than 700/MW/year (2017). Our machines are robotised in order to maximise our productivity and reduce production costs, allowing us to increase our competitiveness and offer our customers the best prices to meet their needs. AdiWatt integrates all stages of steel manufacturing and processing to produce all of its solar structures. We start from the coil supplied directly from the steel mill, which we cut into strips and form by profiling before carrying out the bending, stamping and cutting stages. We then treat the steel by hot-dip galvanising or powder coating with epoxy paint if required by the project specifications. In our logistics warehouse, we have two container loading platforms for the agile, safe and optimal loading of containers from 20 to 40 tonnes. In order to respond quickly and efficiently to the customer's needs, AdiWatt has a constant stock of steel in different qualities and thicknesses. Since 2015, AdiWatt has been one of the pioneers in introducing Magnélis® anti-corrosion coatings according to EN 10346: 2015 in its manufacturing process.



AdiWatt designs the support structure and adapts it specifically to the particular conditions of each site, in order to allow optimal use of the area. Thus, in order to guarantee the correct functioning of the proposed photovoltaic installation, a specific analysis is carried out according to the needs of each client. This study includes the static calculation of horizontal and vertical loads, an examination of their behaviour in external conditions: wind, snow, seismic load... and the assembly of the structure through different mechanical systems to avoid tension and erosion over time.