Power solar plants

One of the most important elements in a photovoltaic installation, so as to ensure an ideal use of the solar radiation, is the structure support-key to hold the solar modules.

It provides the most suitable inclination in which the modules receive the highest quantity of radiation throughout the year.

ADIWATT GROUP has its own equipment to undertake industrial assembly, including truck/trailers, pilling machines, gondolas, truck cranes, cranes and lifting equipment for personnel and auxiliary works equipment. Our team have a lot of experience in installing our own products.


    • Flexible placement of photovoltaic modules (optimum use of available surface).
    • Easily and quickly assembled.
    • Assembly with foundation. Piles driven in concrete.
    • Available engineering department: Structures according to customer requirements.
    • Weight reduction: tailored dimensions of profiles according to project needs using 50 to 80 micron galvanized steel.
    • Complete structure delivered.