Our shelters use Adiwatt IAB’s patented integration system, which was designed to install photovoltaic panels quickly and easily while providing good module ventilation for greater power generation. The materials used are recyclable and have been selected for their durability.

The shape of the rail allows an effective drainage of the rainwater making the system perfectly waterproof as soon as it is installed.

Adiwatt offers different shade designs to make facilities both elegant and fully functional for better adaptation to architectural constraints.


      • Versatility: Every module size and format can be accommodated due to the built-in flexibility of our system.
      • Tools: Standardized stainless steel bolts and nuts require only the use of a few tools.
      • Grounding: Integrated grounding options are available.
      • Project Design: Column spans are optimized for each local wind, snow, and seismic load requirements.
      • Module orientation: Portrait or Landscape
      • Foundation Type: Concrete foundations vary depending on the Project specific requirements. Maximum adjustability in the field is typically achieved by the use of anchor bolts with levelling nuts.
      • Maintenance: Due to galvanized steel structures and naturally corrosion resistant components, it is not necessary.
    • Warranty: 10 year limited product warranty